‘Potluck’ at Hashimoto Contemporary Relishes the Joy of Gathering — Colossal

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February 7, 2024

Grace Ebert

Alexis Trice “The Taste of a Memory” (2024). All images courtesy Hashimoto Contemporary and shared with permission

You can also find out more about us on our website. Hashimoto Contemporary’s Los Angeles gallery, there’s more than enough to go around. Nearly 50 artists contributed to PotluckA group exhibition that opens this week celebrates the comforts, joys and disgusts of eating together.

The show features a wide variety of art forms, including ceramics, paintings, drawings, and crochet. It presents dozens works that explore eating and communal gatherings from different cultures. The show includes works by artists previously featured on Colossal. Lou Benesch, Liz Flores, Sara Hagale, Seonna Hong, Kate Jenkins.

PotluckThe exhibition will run from February 10 to 2nd.


a woman with long black hair holds a basket of oranges while a green parrot rests on her shoulder

Bianca Foratori, “Cesta De Laranjas” (2023)

a portrait of a person wearing a patterned dress with halved pomegranates and leaves. their head is cut off the top

Carmen McNall “Pomegranates #4” (2024)

a painting of a sliced layer cake with stripes of white and yellow

Jess Ackerman “Yellow Cake”

a blue and white plate with silver fork and knife on either side. on top is a crocheted piece of toast with crocheted greens, crocheted lemon, and crocheted sardine

Kate Jenkins “Sardines on Toast (Willow Pattern Plate)” (2022)

a white plate painted with blue animals and foliage

Lou Benesch, “Gather and Grow” (2024)

small drawn characters carry olives to stockpile

Sara Hagale, “Stockpile” (2024)

a painting of two women smelling oranges with a sliced watermelon on the table in front of them

Seonna Hong, “Oranges and Watermelon” (2024)

a golden grab sculpture opens to reveal a tiny ecosystem with an eel and coral inside

Shannon Taylor, “Crab Dip (Eel)” (2024)

a ceramic figure wearing a blue bathing suit holds half a watermelon

Taylor Lee “Sharing Slices” (2024)



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